Designed by Anthony Guerrée

Albireo Sofa by Anthony Guerrée is a flexible seating system with gentle curves and a tall backrest, offering refined style and deep comfort. The sofa is primarily made from upholstery, and is punctuated by timber feet and optional timber side tables.

Named after the double star in the constellation Cygnus, Albireo is inspired by Guerrée’s recurring dream of spending a starry night in Joshua Tree Park gazing up at the Summer Triangle asterism.

With just six key modules, Albireo Sofa can achieve numerous configurations with a sense of dynamism brought by the curves of the forms.


Small module

Medium module

Central module

Daybed module

Corner module

Side table module

Albireo Sofa is available in ash, oak and walnut in a range of finishes and a range of fabric and leather options.


Albireo Sofa 13L: Central, corner and daybed modules combined.

Albireo Sofa 05R: Small and daybed modules combined with side table.

Albireo Sofa 03R: Small, central and medium modules combined.

Albireo Sofa 01R: Small and medium modules combined.

Albireo Sofa 11R: Small, corner and central modules combined.

Albireo Sofa 12L: Small, corner and daybed modules combined.