Our outdoor furniture is crafted from European white oak from Croatia. White oak from this region has a particularly high tannin content which naturally protects the wood from rot, making it particularly suitable for outdoor furniture. Oak has great density, outstanding durability and simple, understated beauty.

We finish the timber with a black oil finish which darkens the grain and deepens the tone of the wood while protecting the surface. Wood furniture used outdoors will age and adopt a beautiful silver grey/dark grey patina over time. This is a natural part of the life of your outdoor furniture, and the tannins in the oak will ensure the furniture thrives outdoors for years to come. If you wish to maintain the original colour of the finish, the furniture must be regularly re-oiled, and always before the wood tone begins to appear lighter and more dried out.

NOTE: The black oil used on our outdoor furniture is different from the black oil used on our indoor furniture and it is important to always use the correct oil. Never mix indoor and outdoor care products.

Our products are made to last for generations, though they do require care to ensure this longevity. Proper usage and maintenance is vital.


Treatments for your outdoor furniture include cleansing & nourishing, deep cleaning, and oiling. How often the furniture requires treatment depends on a number of factors including the climate, how regularly you look after it, and the specific placement of the furniture in the outdoor setting. For example, outdoor furniture with full exposure to the weather requires more frequent maintenance than furniture kept under eaves or a covered terrace.

We recommend that you keep your outdoor furniture on a hard, finished surface such as a patio or deck rather than the ground as the moisture and uneven surface of the ground can adversely affect the timber, encouraging swelling, fungus growth or discolouration. A hard, stable surface will minimise water build up around the legs of the furniture.

Be aware of anything that might fall onto your furniture from above, such as from birds or trees, which may cause staining. Choose a spot with less risk of such stains or be prepared to cover or clean your furniture more often.

Sun and dry air can help prevent mould and mildew. Try to choose sunnier spots for your outdoor furniture.

When the furniture is not in use for long periods of time and the weather is inclement, you may wish to cover your furniture with a breathable cover, leaving a gap at the bottom. This will protect your furniture from the weather while allowing it to breathe so as not to promote mould growth.

Oak has a high tannin content which naturally protects the wood from rot, making it particularly suitable for outdoor furniture. Some tannins will wash out of oak furniture in wet conditions. When this occurs, the tannins may leave a rust-coloured residue either around the feet of the furniture or on the floor itself when the water evaporates. These marks may be washed away with the rain, and are otherwise easy to clean with a damp cloth. Should you find the stains are more stubborn, contact De La Espada for a recommended cleaning product.


Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs and releases moisture in response to its environment, throughout its life. Weather conditions may raise the grain of the wood, resulting in a rough surface, and may cause both swelling and shrinking of the timber, including the appearance of small cracks. Our outdoor furniture has been engineered to allow for changes to the timber’s dimensions, and these changes, including cracks, will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture.


We recommend oiling your outdoor furniture at least once a year.

If you wish to maintain the appearance of the black oil finish, the furniture must be regularly re-oiled, approximately once every 2 months, and always before the wood tone begins to appear lighter and more dried out.

The natural tannins in the European Oak are protective, so skipping the reapplication of oil will not compromise the structural integrity of the timber; however, the outdoor oil helps to protect the surfaces from inclement weather, algae, stains and UV rays and will improve its long-term performance and longevity.

Use the Outdoor Oil Refresher Kit available from De La Espada which includes a Deep Cleaning Solution and Oil. Find application information in the Caring for Outdoor Furniture guide here.

Find in-depth guidance on maintenance in our Caring for Outdoor Furniture guide, including Daily Cleaning, Cleaning & Nourishing, and Deep Cleaning & Oiling.